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Nine Favorite Things

Nine Favorite Things

Happy February! This might be a little cheesy, but I’ve been looking forward to the start of February for a while now. I know it’s Valentine’s Day month, and while we don’t all love, love Valentine’s Day, I think it’s a fun holiday to celebrate over the cold winter months. For me, Valentine’s Day is an excuse to buy ourselves flowers, bake fun cookies, and buy rose-scented candles. I always have fun with this month!

This year, I want to make sure to find Asher something little but fun for Valentine’s Day. I remember when I was her age, my Nonnie would always send something special for Valentine’s Day. No matter where she was in the world, I’d get a cute stuffed animal, piece of jewelry, or box of chocolate from her. She always made it a special day. I want to do the same for Asher since she never got to experience that. I already have my eyes on some jewelry I know Asher would love. But I’m going to do a little more looking around before I buy. Do you do anything to celebrate? I celebrate ALL month, not just on the 14th!

Also, it’s almost Super Bowl time!! Normally, I wouldn’t be talking much about the Super Bowl, but I think we can all agree that Taylor Swift has really put this year’s Super Bowl on the map. Many of us “non” football watchers are surely tuning into the game to get some Taylor content. Also, the halftime show! I’m excited for Usher this year. He’s such an incredible performer. I think it will be a fun game to watch all around!

I’m feeling a lot of excitement for the things to come this month, including a trip to New York! I love visiting the city! As I type this, I’m in the LAX airport heading back home to Colorado. All you Cali people, this rain is zero fun. I missed the sunshine on this trip!

I’ve been in town for a day of filming with my friend Benny. I’m looking forward to sharing the recipes we shot together very soon! Benny has an upcoming cookbook launch, so we made a recipe from his new book too! It’s so delicious!

This was a fast, just over 24-hour trip, which is usually how I try to make my LA trips. In and out! I stayed at The Maybourne in Beverly Hills. After many trips to LA, I think I finally found a hotel I love to stay at. The rooms are cozy and spacious, the hotel itself is really pretty, and you can’t beat the location. It’s very central, which makes getting around the city easier.

I filmed with Benny, packed in a few meetings, and had a great brainstorming session with some of our team that was in in LA. It’s been a very successful trip! Oh, and I got my hair trimmed too. It’s been almost a year, so I desperately needed a cut. I trimmed a lot off and I’m feeling a whole lot lighter – I love a fresh cut!

I’m home this week, then off to New York the following week, I simply can’t wait! We have a lot of ideas brewing and fun projects in the works!

The family had a fun time in Aspen last week. Red competed at X Games and finally took home his first X Games gold medal. If you know the industry at all, and you know Red, then you know what a huge deal this is. This was a long time coming. I’m so proud of him, and it makes me so happy inside seeing him go after and achieve his goals! He’s on fire. Go Red, GO!

That’s all for today! Hope you’re having a cozy February weekend – enjoy this week’s favorites!

1. Things i’m loving, wanting, and excited to try.

loving…Oak Haven 1937: Amber’s Lake House Reveal. This is the coziest home. The photos are stunning, but the kitchen steals the show. I am obsessed with that island, it’s gorgeous. And the home as a whole is just so sweet, warm, and cozy – a perfect winter escape to the mountains.

wanting…new vintage finds from a cute site called Panopile. So many good vintage pieces. Also, Holcomb is a new-to-me site with unique kitchen finds. This entertaining set is perfect.

everything in my cart (low)…Nordstrom always carries the best basics. The Wiley Boat Neck Knit Top from Reformation is currently in my cart.

This cozy patchwork knit hat from Zara is a must if you live in a cold climate. It’s so cute. I’d wear it with this sweatshirt.

Loving jewelry, these Nura Wrap Stud Earrings from Monica Vinader could pass as designer. They are really pretty.

listening to…Embracing Personal Evolution with Melissa Wood-Tepperberg. As someone who fears change, this was an inspiring listen for me. But more than anything, it’s just a nice conversation. Mellow, relaxed, and leaves you feeling happier. Also, this week, I loved Balancing Your Hormones: A Guide to Navigating Your Cycle, Managing Symptoms, and Achieving Balance Through Lifestyle Choices with Dr. Taz. Super informative for women looking to feel more balanced with their hormones. I learned a lot. And I can’t not mention, Simon Huck & Phil Riportella On How To Align Your Career With Your Life & Manage Your Intimate Relationships. Love these guys!

dreaming of going to…Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa. It’s almost time to start thinking about spring break. I vote tropical islands only. This Caribbean Resort is very much my tropical vacation vibe.

loving…cozy curved sofas. I came across this pretty sofa, and now I’m convinced I need my own. I also found this cute hug sofa, but it’s a lot pricier.

wearing… the new APL Women’s TechLoom Traveler sneaker. I’ve been living in these sneakers. They’re lightweight but supportive, very sleek, and super comfy. I’m highly recommending!

shopping… splurge-worthy candles. I have a few I have in my cart. Some are major splurges like the Loewe Orange Blossom Candle. But some are more affordable like the Boy Smells Slow Burn Candle. And I’m really curious about this new-to-me candle, the Rain Rock Creek Scented Candle.

burning…still loving the new Snif Big Flirt candle. And I’m getting ready to light the Mandarin Fantôme Candle from Boy Smells. I’m very interested in candles with citrus right now. 

travel snacks…I’ve been carrying around these EPIC Venison & Beef Strips while I travel. They pack in healthy protein and are super delicious. But what I love most is that they’re free of any citric acid, sugar, or other weird ingredients. Just 100% grass-fed venison beef, onion powder, pepper, and salt. 

wanting… the Staud Mini Joli Dress for Valentine’s Day. If I had somewhere to wear this I would get it for this month. It’s the perfect dress for a girly girl on Valentine’s Day, super sweet and cute. If you want something a little cozier and less pink, try this knit dress from Helsa.

everything in my cart (beauty)…curious about this Dermal Defense Hand Cream from Retrouvé. It sounds super moisturizing, which is what we all need in the winter. If you need a tried-and-true hand cream, I already know I love the Salt and Stone hand cream. In my Ulta car, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant Lightly Scented

Loving the Luminous Matte Beauty Blush from Gucci. The packing is the cutest, but the product is actually so good. I love a rosy cheek for February too.

For the hair, love the dae Cactus Fruit 3-in-1 Styling Cream.

watching…A Day in the Life of Hermès’s Leather Goods Creative Director. Also, here New Shows & Movies in Launching in February.

eating…Deux Cranes Chocolate. These bars sound so delicious. I’m ordering the Crem Brûlée bar (mainly because I’m so curious about what this tastes like). The Milk Chocolate with Ginger Sesame and Buckwheat, the Dark Chocolate with Miso Almonds, and the Pistachio Rose. Also, the bars just look pretty!

everything in my cart (high)…long coats are very popular right now. I’m eyeing the Ojama Wool Blend Bouclé Coat from Acne Studios. The the Prada Canvas Corduroy Collar Jacket. We need this jacket. I feel the same about the new Miu Miu blouson jacket. Can’t decide which I love more, but I am swaying towards the Miu Miu.

Bags, I am still obsessed over The Row Margaux 17 Bag in Leather. It’s such a classic forever bag. Maybe someday.

Shoes, very into the satin shoe. Love the Prada Modellerie Satin Mule and this LouLou Studio metallic satin mule too.

Lastly, this Gucci watch is so pretty.

shopping…Partake Foods. Better for you boxed cookies and baking mixings. I’m very curious to try out this brand after reading about them. They sound great! Especially for busy moms or any of us who can’t be in the kitchen day in and out cooking.

ordered…Heritage Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

shopping…corduroy pants. Loving that corduroy pants seem to be back in style. I’ve seen so many cute pairs recently.

curious to try…fermented garlic honey for colds. Love a homemade remedy, this one actually sounds delicious too. Have you tried it?

2. The most popular recipes of January.

Sheet Pan Chili Ginger Orange Chicken and Broccoli |

Most popular: Sheet Pan Chili Ginger Orange Chicken and Broccoli

The Best (easiest) No Knead Bread |

Runner-up: The Best (easiest) No Knead Bread

Greek Chicken Bowls with Tahini Feta Sauce |

Also have to mention: Greek Chicken Bowls with Tahini Feta Sauce

One Pan Spicy Sesame Butter Chicken |

My personal favorite: One Pan Spicy Sesame Butter Chicken

Baked Crunchy Honey Buffalo Chicken |

Ok, last one: Baked Crunchy Honey Buffalo Chicken

3. Few New Crate & Barrel Kitchen/Home Finds.

4. What is an ordinary moment in your day that brings you joy?

This was a recent Q&A question from Instagram. I loved it so much that I thought I would ask you all the very same question!

What is an ordinary moment in your day that brings you joy? Share in the comments! Mine are below.

– hiking with the sunrise
– the smell of coffee + 1st sip
– getting to clean the kitchen with my dad
– nightly calls with my mom
– talking fashion things with Asher
– watching Oslo get excited about the cookies I made
– cooking for my brothers
– reading DM’s and getting to hear your stories/see the recipes you’ve made
– burying myself in blankets before bed (lol)
– a podcast while I get ready

5. The Valentine’s Day edit.

6. Inspiring Me + Life this Week.

(words to live by)

(buy yourself roses this month)

Life this Week

cold mornings

landed in LA and went straight to Nine One Zero to see Lisa for a chop

the pretty flowers at the Maybourne Hotel in Beverly Hills

LA day one, filmed with Benny all day, then two meetings

love the new Aureum belts

legs up every night to reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and calm my anxious energy. This is especially important while traveling

The Maybourne lobby

LA day two, meetings, then off to the airport

morning supplements, Cymbiotika The Omega, D3 + K2 + CoQ10, and B12 + B6

always colostrum too, secret to good skin, hair, and nails + improved immunity

I always use these Holdon bags at home and while traveling

current favorite Snif candle, Big Flirt

back in the kitchen, always testing and creating something new

7. Favorite links i’m loving.

Take an Exclusive First Look at Shea McGee’s Remodel of Her Own Home

From Apple Cider Vinegar To Green Smoothies4 Of Victoria Beckham’s Daily Wellness Hacks.

This Walking Workout Is Taking Over the Internet…love this workout.

Jacquemus Spring 2024 Ready-to-Wear Collection…love this collection. It’s stunning.

Accomplish My Goals in Just 12 Weeks…liking this method a lot.

Inside Shinta Mani Mustang, a Hotel in the Himalayas…would love to visit.

An Australian Villa and Vintage Tableware Set the Tone for This Wedding…stunning.

16 Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas You Can Wear All February Long…super cute and fun.

What That Glass of Wine is Actually Doing to Your Body…good to know.

Declutter (In a Big Way!) by Asking Yourself One Simple Question…if you want to organize.

Inside The Trend | Faux Fur…I’m into it.

14 No-Spend Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day This Year…cute ideas.

Tour the 10 Most Expensive Cities in the World

47 Kitchen Organization Ideas That Declutter Cabinets, Countertops, and More

8. The Jean Edit.

to wear with jeans

new from J.Crew 

Anthropologie looks 

cozy looks (the pieces we all want) 

long coats

9. This week’s dinners + weekend eats.

Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Chili |

Monday: Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Chili

Homemade Cheesy Gordita Crunch Tacos |

Tuesday: Homemade Cheesy Gordita Crunch Tacos

Simple Crockpot Coconut Beef Curry |

Wednesday: Simple Crockpot Coconut Beef Curry

Pomodoro Pepperoni Pizza |

Thursday: Pomodoro Pepperoni Pizza

Coconut Curry Salmon with Garlic Butter |

Friday: Coconut Curry Salmon with Garlic Butter

Harissa Eggs in Whipped Goat Cheese |

Saturday: Harissa Eggs in Whipped Goat Cheese

Baked Maple Bacon Doughnuts |

Sunday: Baked Maple Bacon Doughnuts

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  1. Love the No Spend Valentine’s Day ideas! It’s one of those holidays that can add up fast if one gets caught up in the consumeristic aspects, but honestly I enjoy just spending time with my husband and keeping it low key. 🙂

    1. Hey Cirrus,
      Thanks so much for reading:) Of course, happy to share those, I think they are great as well! Have an awesome week! xT

  2. You keep saying you’re so proud of Red AND that you really want to go to Aspen. So why didn’t you go to Aspen to support Red?

    1. Hi Kaitlin,
      Unfortunately, the timing just wasn’t great with my schedule:) Hope this makes sense! Have a great week! xx

  3. Ordinary parts of my day that bring me joy:
    1. My daily mocha latte… the smell, the taste, the comfort.
    2. Puppy smooches.
    3. Hubs smooches. I get two specific smooches each day. Once when he leaves for work and another when he goes to bed (earlier than me b/c of work).

    Regarding the mocha latte – I FINALLY found an awesome sugar-free mocha sauce from Monin. It’s superb! I now have my daily vice without all the sugar!

    1. Hey Kristie,
      Happy Monday! Thanks so much for reading! Loved reading about the parts of your day that bring your joy…it’s the little things right?! Have a great week! xx

  4. Love seeing your work trips but it would also be nice to see more day to day lifestyle content! You live in such a gorgeous part of the country, do you ever plan on sharing more of your life in Colorado? Hotel content is great but work trips can lack some authenticity from time to time.

    1. Hey Mandy,
      Thanks so much for reading and sharing your feedback! Do you follow on Instagram? I definitely share more day to day life on there:) Have a great week! xx

      1. I was more so referring to things outside of the kitchen recipe intros! I know you love to share your travel outfits but what about mirror selfies at home in hiking gear, etc! How do you spend your free time when you aren’t in the kitchen. I’m a newer follower so maybe I haven’t come across this type of content just yet.

        What are your favorite places to go in town? Restaurants, cafes and such!