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Ji hanzhangwu

Ji hanzhangwu

Ji hanzhangwu

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    Ji hanzhangwu
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    Chen Ruicong
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    Ethical Novel
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2023-03-18 14:16:50
The main road is long and flat, and the embarrassing road is narrow and fast there is no inferiority in wing repair, and the far toe does not step Shu Wuling Xiaoyu, and strive for a thousand miles Super stride, no dust drive, who can drive away in a flash in troubled times, Chen Chong, who mourned the people, begged for life and died, was reborn as a child of Chen's family in Yingchuan at the end of the Han Dynasty. Looking at the devastation in Kyushu, he was determined to change the world in the decades along the way with Liu Bei, he experienced disappointment, betrayal and even break, but he still unswervingly completed this road there is sorrow everywhere and blood everywhere. It is nothing more than a thought to save the common people.