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God s strange world, I can change my destiny

God s strange world, I can change my destiny

God s strange world, I can change my destiny

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    God s strange world, I can change my destiny
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    White is slow
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    Air books
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2023-05-26 15:42:00
This is a world in which people are loyal to the emperor and control all living beings this is a strange world in the sun and hell the ancient immortal Buddha disappeared, leaving only Daoguo to the ruins the myth of the past is revived, waiting for the door of God to open the top ten real dragons, the magic stars of destiny, the evil country demon party, and the holy body of martial bones... in the face of the bright world that all sentient beings strive to cross, Ji Yuan has a brilliant day on his head and steps on the path of beacon smoke climb to the top of the mountain step by step and be arbitrary forever "there are no two days in the sky, only discipline alone! The emperor only bows his head in heaven and earth!" popular version: everything has a destiny, but Ji Yuan can change it 【 random death 】→【 long life 】 【 a small official 】→【 seal the king and split the earth 】 【 body of the human race 】 【 golden bell cover 】→【 immortal golden body 】 【 hundred refining sabres 】→【 blood drinking magic sabre 】 for thousands of years, for an infinite era, Ji Yuan is crushed by one person!

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