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Douluo, I m the armor father

Douluo, I m the armor father

Douluo, I m the armor father

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    Douluo, I m the armor father
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    Happy mask
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    The One Book
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2022-09-22 17:17:42
Qin Tian, who crossed the power continent, became a baby because of the forced swallowing effect of the world power system, all the power of the power continent he had disappeared after the age of five he had no choice but to place his hope on the system that most walkers will have unexpectedly, the universal plug-in, Mr. system, did not appear fortunately, he lost the power of his previous life, gained the new power of Douluo continent, and awakened a sword soul called magic blade the magic blade is the blade worn by the armor father in a game that is to say, Qin Tian, after obtaining the magic blade, has the same power as Kaida the third soul skill, not killing the devil body: once a big move is opened, there will be casualties. The fourth soul skill, absorption: as long as I can absorb the power, I can become my skin Lord of the Dragon region, guardian of the dawn, the power of the green dragon, and the destruction of ghosts and gods. it seems that it is not impossible to absorb the king of killing, or the azure ox python, or the Titan ape into skin?

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