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Open a milk tea shop and break the shackles of fate

Open a milk tea shop and break the shackles of fate

Open a milk tea shop and break the shackles of fate

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    Open a milk tea shop and break the shackles of fate
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    Book Eating obsession
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    Cook Books
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2022-09-22 18:33:29
The story takes place in Quancheng City, an economically developed coastal city. The young Zheng Xiaochuan took over the milk tea shop joined by his father. He was eager to create a better future for his family, but he encountered the epidemic, twists and turns, and his girlfriend who had been in love for many years. He also despised his family's poverty and forcibly separated from him. At the same time, his father's own brand milk tea shop was also in trouble, Grandpa Zheng Yiqin checked out primary liver cancer for a while, people with bad relations around him fall into the well, insult, and the conflict and pressure between love enemies make him suffocate. The emergence of Suli gives him unknown help. After being completely broken by the difficulties of the joining company, will he break the shackles of fate if he is ordinary and has no family background the author conceived and wrote one realistic novel after another, which was finally deleted and rushed to the street by himself. After repeated rewriting, he now regained his confidence and released it, and entered the world of struggling against fate with the protagonist Zheng Xiaochuan the novel is inseparable from the interpretation of the emotional world and the love values of the female owner who does not give up and abandon... It is expected that the novel can realize the author's wishes and write an extraordinary life story with the mentality of ordinary people.

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