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Jiudao world

Jiudao world

Jiudao world

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    Jiudao world
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    Flake feather startles flower
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    Woske Novel
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2023-03-19 01:55:56
Who knows that the nine heavy human beings are all purgatory. Mortals want to become immortals, while immortals want to soar. However, the celestial immortals think of "going down to earth", or take the human road again, or eat all the fireworks in the human world, or still have unfulfilled wishes, or make fun of the human world... when xianzun came down to earth, all the creatures on earth roared. Birds and animals fled in panic. Humans knelt on the ground with their heads in their arms and twisted their bodies crazily, as if they were dancing a fanatical dance to meet the gods. At that time, all their actions were on the ground, and they could not look directly at the power of the gods looking at the human beings curled up on the ground, xianzun only spit out a few words coldly: "I want you to stay in the painful reincarnation forever." since then, the farmers have been tortured by hard labor, the people have been devastated by the war, the way of heaven has fallen into the terrible reincarnation, the reason of heaven no longer exists, and the sun and moon have changed their light... Lu Yi stood up. Bu Ming heard what he said clearly: "since no one cares about this world, I'll come!" "do you have a good idea?" Bu Ming said "there will be no more regrets." Bu Ming laughed loudly: "let those guys above taste the taste of purgatory!" ... love and hate, love and righteousness are unpredictable in the world... the road of killing gods will be paved by myself

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