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The check-in system is a little stubborn

The check-in system is a little stubborn

The check-in system is a little stubborn

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    The check-in system is a little stubborn
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    Walking camera
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    Qishi Book
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Yanxi stayed in front of the computer until midnight, logged in to the system on time and checked the prompt: "today's check-in task, spend 500 yuan to buy a car." "brother of the system, 500 yuan can buy a car model at most. Don't be kidding." "give you three hours. If you can't finish the task, explode in place!" "Explode! It's not the first time. Where can I have a $500 car?" "I say yes, I have, and you will be rewarded with one million for completing the task." "cut, I'm ten million rich, and I still care about your one million? Add a little more." "I've never seen you such a brazen and shameless person who talks about conditions with the system!" What can Yanxi do? Buy it, of course! he sent out a circle of friends: buy a car for 500 yuan and give you three hours, first come, first served. in less than five minutes, Yanxi received countless replies and formed a neat formation: "President Yan, please buy mine!"

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