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Emperor Yan Han

Emperor Yan Han

Emperor Yan Han

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    Emperor Yan Han
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    Chasing the sun on a snail
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    52weixin Books
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2022-08-04 16:39:35
The prosperous period of Han and Tang Dynasties is the pride and romance engraved in the bones of the Chinese people, and it is also the best proof that Chinese civilization stands proudly in the east of the world. This book relies on historical records, Han books, post Han books and other historical books, combined with historical legends, celebrity stories and other materials about the two Han Dynasties, and aims to truly restore the original and show the history of more than 400 years from the establishment of the Han Dynasty by Liu Bang to the troubled times of the Three Kingdoms reading history makes people wise. The process of writing is a process of getting familiar with this history. I don't think I'm creating. I'm just translating and expressing the works of great historians such as Sima Qian and ban Chao. The purpose of writing this book is to express the history I see and my views generated by reading history in easy to understand language, So that more friends interested in history can see it.

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