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Bloody teaching Brigade

Bloody teaching Brigade

Bloody teaching Brigade

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    Bloody teaching Brigade
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    Dust outer body
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    Passion Novel
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2022-07-07 17:51:52
Wudingniu, a young civilian, proposed to dig two traps and catch two Japanese tanks while helping the 29th army build fortifications. The military headquarters ordered renguangzheng, commander of the eighth company, to help the Japanese push out the tanks! Hui Ying, a rich young lady who came to work for the army, was so angry that she gave the girl's clothes to Ren Guangzheng to show her shame< Br> Xing Baili, commander of the seventh company, falsely passed on the battle order of the division headquarters, and the eighth company was able to destroy the enemy tanks. However, the commander wanted to shoot Xing Baili... Wu dingniu was so disappointed that he angrily returned to Cangzhou. After the fall of Pingjin, the 29th army withdrew to Baoding and Cangzhou for assembly. Xing Baili gave a passionate speech and organized the people's National Salvation Army. Wu dingniu participated in... on June 30, 1943, the Xinhai tragedy occurred. Huanghua was stabbed to death, and the murderer ran away. Who is the real murderer behind the scenes? There are many suspicions in the border area... where will Wu dingniu go? What is the fate of Ren Guangzheng and Xing Baili? Where does Hui Ying's love end?

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