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The soul of lol comes

The soul of lol comes

The soul of lol comes

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    The soul of lol comes
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    Mountain flowers, sea trees, red sky
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    Cook Books
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2022-06-23 18:53:05
"Have you heard? When the former professional player Uzi and the inheritor of Wayne broke through the silver stage yesterday, they went to the west of demacia to kill an ancient magic statue and obtained a" frenzy "that is hard to find in the market now." "Little brother, you are behind in the news. Now, when the occupation tiger is breaking through the gold, Nar is coming to the beasts of war and is coming into battle with the troops on the Oriental Pearl Tower because of his practice of the inheritance of the ." when Liu Ke woke up, Liu Ke looked at the news in his group, somewhat ignorant. "Congratulations to Liu Ke. You are over 18 years old. Please go to the heroic spirit temple in your city to test your heroic inheritance." This is a story about the link between Valoran and the earth by evil energy invasion, and the gradual strengthening of young Liu Ke. at present, there are demacia, freirdrod, eljiwat and Ruima giant God peak planned. the story line is relatively long, please be patient. If you have any comments or suggestions, you can leave a message in the comment area. Thank you very much

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