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Special operations from the sword

Special operations from the sword

Special operations from the sword

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    Special operations from the sword
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    Star back thickness
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2022-09-01 05:49:30
"Ding! The special forces cultivation system will be turned on, and the host will be transmitted to the battlefield! Please get ready!" Li Xiu, who has been an Internet military expert for two generations, looked at Li Yunlong standing in front of him with a confused face, listened to the sound of gunfire and the mud splashed around by bullets. Li Xiu knew that this was by no means a play. Is it to apply the military theory learned from the network to the actual combat to achieve a generation of military kings, or is it to be implemented by Li Yunlong! As a negative teaching material, Li Xiu is very tangled. Bright sword, war wolf, wandering earth, marvel, and Li Xiu with special forces training system in all war filled worlds are the best special forces king.

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