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I cross the heavens at the same time

I cross the heavens at the same time

I cross the heavens at the same time

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    I cross the heavens at the same time
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    I'm not a house God
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    Lava Novel
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2022-08-05 20:00:16
Once you cross, you wear the heaven and the world at the same time Tianlong: no one can defeat me within my BGM spirit cage: snake and dog, don't run one punch: Qiyu, I'm afraid you can't bear it if I punch down supernatural: Aunt Mei, Zhenzi and jiacoconut come from the bowl Hong Kong and man: Captain Yan Shuangying, the iron man of the free country compares you to the American team. Do you need me to educate him Xiuxian, a shopkeeper: now is the great leap forward era of Xiuxian. Who can't refine some weapons, pills and arrays? You'd better go! I don't need waste Science Fiction: nine levels of scientific and technological civilization? Killing saints is like killing ants martial arts, fantasy... don't laugh too arrogant. I have people in all heaven and all worlds always wear cloud arrows and thousands of troops come to meet My plug-in is myself. I speak for myself!

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